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This time the mission was defined from an international point of view - our customer LORD Germany GmbH planned a one-week VDA license seminar over the German Society for Quality (DGQ) with participants from the USA, China, Japan and Germany at the locations Hilden and Hückelhoven in Germany. The primary goal was to obtain the VDA6.3 auditor license, but the international exchange on QM topics was also desired.

We, the engineering office MCS, have been advising LORD Germany GmbH since 2009 and support the development and implementation of management systems and process-specific topics. Within the framework of the DGQ-licensed training course, we presented the requirements of VDA 6.3 with the internal process specifications and, above all, focused on making the application of the guideline clearer for the customer and, if necessary, providing assistance.

Participants and trainers are highly motivated

All participants of the LORD Germany GmbH have been working as experienced quality managers at the international locations for years, so that the basic topic was known and applied internally. However, the license and the final certificate of the VDA were still missing and therefore on 13 May 2019 all twelve participants came to the premises of the LORD Germany GmbH in order to obtain the license in the next five days.

Trainer Wolfgang Alram from MCS GmbH, Auditor for IATF16949, VDA6.3 and RPAS, entered the topic enthusiastically and involved all participants right from the start. The group work and subsequent discussions were designed to deepen the theoretical knowledge and were directly related to the Lord specific processes. The presentations of the results were presented in the plenum and once again promoted awareness among the participants about the relevant findings.

Different perspectives regarding "quality"

The international exchange of locations was another important added value of the course. The participants exchanged views on cultural as well as technical differences. The topics covered ranged from dealing with customers and suppliers to internal employee qualifications and employee development to the implementation of core tools and detailed documentation requirements.

The written learning control took place on the last evening in the form of multiple choice tasks. The next day, Friday, 17 May 2019 from 8 a.m. onwards, it was already time for the written exam.

A successful exam day

After the written part, which was completed after one hour, the participants had the opportunity to briefly discuss the results - an offer that was gladly used. After various explanations all participants went with a good feeling into the oral examinations, which took place for them one after the other in a fixed order. Around 4 p.m. all candidates were through - the end of a successful examination day!

We are pleased to announce that all participants have passed the written and oral exams! My thanks as project manager of LORD Germany GmbH go especially to my colleague Wolfgang Alram for a smooth, highly professionally designed seminar with motivated and satisfied participants - the results speak for themselves!

MCS und GUKSA - Partners with experience!

Since its founding, GUKSA has been working in an extremely successful partnership with the management consultancy MCS GmbH. MCS has been active in the field of quality management for 30 years now and, together with DGQ, has already organized many seminars and training courses in the German-speaking area, which are potentially also interesting for GUKSA customers.

Do you need training or are you interested in VDA6.3? Then we recommend that you take a look at the DGQ website.

VDA 6.3 - Qualification as Process Auditor (Link to external DGQ website)

Company website of MCS GmbH (Link to external website)

Company website of LORD Deutschland GmbH (Link to external website)

"Thank you for all your support during our training and I sincerely hope to work with you again soon in the future!"

Will McCullough
Global Quality Manager Performance Materials (LORD Corporation)

> Was ist die VDA 6.3 - Lizenz?

Das Audit nach VDA 6.3 liefert einen wichtigen Beitrag bei der Optimierung von Prozessen in Zusammenhang mit der Planung und Herstellung von Produkten. Darüberhinaus stellt die darin abgebildete Potenzialanalyse ein in der Praxis vielfach bewährtes Werkzeug dar, welches zur Auswahl adäquater Lieferanten dient. Mittlerweile ist die Akzeptanz des VDA 6.3 weltweit gestiegen und wird nun, abgesehen vom Automotive-Bereich, auch für viele weitere Branchen angewendet, wie bspw. im Maschinenbau oder der Windkrafterzeugung.

Teilnehmer in einem VDA6.3-Lizenzlehrgang werden typischerweise über folgende Inhalte unterrichtet:

  • Grundlagen von Prozess-, System- und Produktaudit
  • Verbindung zu anderen Anforderungen
  • Einführung in den prozessorientierten Ansatz zur Risikoanalyse nach dem Turtle-Modell
  • Auditprozess vom Auditprogramm bis zum Abschluss des Audits
  • Planung und Durchführung eines Prozessaudits
  • Bewertungsschema des Prozessaudits
  • Verhaltenskodex für Prozessauditoren
  • Die 7 Prozesselemente
  • Zuordnung und Bewertung von Festellungen im Audit
  • Abschluss des Audits: Auditbericht und Dokumentation
  • Vorstellung der aktuellen SI und FAQ