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    Benefits for your company

    The software is available in two versions:

    • GUKSA VDA 6.3 PRO

    Both solutions are more than just pure assessment and process audit management software. With the integrated extensions, they offer a management tool for the effective control of measures for continuous improvement processes (opportunity management) as well as the reduction of risks from the process audit results.

    Systematic audit planning, including audit program and audit schedules, as well as the integration of the >ToDo task manager, ensure that you always have an overview of all deadlines.

    In addition to general information, such as the name and qualification of the auditors, the organization performing the audit, company logo, etc., further details such as company data (suppliers, customers, locations, etc.) and process-relevant, customer-specific requirements can be stored in the master data.
    The user-friendly interface of the >GUKSA VDA 6.3 BASIC/PRO Software software enables the user to perform VDA 6.3 audits in compliance with the regulations, supported by explanations.

    With the help of the search function, you can easily find the audit information as well as the derived measures, then clearly display them via the statistics and reporting function, compare results, and print them out as a report to share as needed.

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    >GUKSA VDA 6.3 - With the release of the new VDA 6.3 Process Audit Rulebook 2023, we have added this solution to the portfolio as part of our comprehensive audit management system.

    The >GUKSA VDA 6.3 software was developed from practice for practice in cooperation with experienced auditors and, depending on the version (BASIC or PRO), focuses on a target-oriented application.
    The user interface is clearly structured, easy to use and available in different languages, e.g. German, English, etc.
    The contents and applications correspond to the procedures required by automotive standards. In the different steps, the auditor is guided in the audit planning and compilation of data up to the evaluation of product and process conformity as well as the given classifications.

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    Audit planning

    Prepare audits in a targeted manner

    The planning and execution of internal and external (process) audits often demands high resource commitment (time/cost) from the organization. The >GUKSA VDA 6.3 software supports you in this respect and offers you a variety of solutions.
    With the information manager, you and the departments concerned are reminded in a timely manner of upcoming audits and measures due.

    Various views and export options allow you to keep track of all planned and completed audits as well as auditor resources in your company.

    • Planning and execution of internal and supplier audits
    • Predefined VDA 6.3 question catalogs with extended individual/company-specific input options
    • Assistant for user-guided audit creation and action recording for mapping the full audit cycle according to PDCA
    • Definition and central tracking of immediate, corrective and preventive actions
    • Integrated (audit) deadline monitoring and measures management
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    Implementation and evaluation of VDA 6.3 audits

    The audit execution and its evaluations take into account the requirements of the respective process elements, contents and supplementary information.

    The presentation of the overall result and the individual elements shows the status of the processes according to the fulfillment levels of the VDA 6.3 requirements and supports the optimization of the processes with the associated parameters by means of appropriate action tracking.

    >GUKSA VDA 6.3 PRO offers supplementary functions in addition to the BASIC version. Thus, users of the GUKSA software >CSR+ can assign the customer-specific requirements to the processes and have them displayed in the audit. In addition to meeting IATF requirements, this ensures that customer requirements are systematically taken into account. Accordingly, customer orientation is improved.
    With the >GUKSA VDA 6.3 PRO risk approach, you can assign corresponding risk factors/weightings, e.g. for asterisk questions or specific process-related customer requirements, such as CpK requirements.

    In addition to the results and evaluation rules required by VDA 6.3, the overall result shows an in-depth evaluation of the processes, taking into account customer-specific requirements as well as their risks and opportunities. The systematic presentation of the VDA 6.3 degree of fulfillment provides management with a supplementary risk map for planning and tracking targeted measures.
    The awareness of the as-is state is the basis for the definition and action planning of the success factors for process optimization and thus one of the approaches for systematic, continuous improvement as well as increasing customer satisfaction. This is made possible by, among other things:

    • The identification and evaluation of the performance and comprehensive view of the processes for sustainable, positive further development.

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    GUKSA VDA 6.3 BASIC and PRO in comparison
    >GUKSA VDA 6.3 Software-Feature BASIC PRO
    > Compliance with VDA 6.3 requirements
    > Multilingual software and VDA 6.3 catalogs in 14 languages
    > Evaluation and documentation of potential analyses and process audits for product development/serial production
    > Phase-oriented audit execution from planning to audit completion
    > Use of the tablet application (Microsoft Windows) for mobile audit execution (offline mode)
    > Presentation of results by means of a VDA 6.3 compliant report including evaluation matrix, classification, degree of fulfillment and action plan
    > Documentation of findings as well as supplementary evidence, notes, images and files (any formats).
    > Option for extensive master data maintenance (companies, locations, persons, auditors, etc.)
    > Integration of company-specific requirement lists for processes and products
    > Individual access rights for auditors and administrators
    > Auditor management taking into account automotive standards and relevant qualifications
    > Creation of an audit program to prove the cyclical process audit implementation
    > Creation of an audit agenda with template function
    > Risk analysis based on the "Turtle Model" for each process element
    > Creation of printable questionnaires for audit execution without tablet
    > Report design with individual company logo
    > Export of the action plan as an Excel file
    > all documents distributable as Excel, PDF or as email
    > Data encryption (AES 256)
    > DSGVO compliant and ISO certified, server location in Germany
    > Automatic integration of various customer-specific requirements in connection with the module >CSR+
    > Detailed representation of the interactions of IATF 16949 requirements with each VDA 6.3 process element and the assessment-relevant minimum requirements
    > Risk/opportunity assessment: definition of risk/opportunity factors, analysis of risks/opportunities.
    > Quick and clear graphical presentation of results for multiple sites as well as audit comparisons (before-after, benchmark, etc.)
    > Advanced management/processing of findings in the intergated action management tool (incl. 5 Why method, ISHIKAWA).
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    Licenses | Price scaling

    Our licenses are single user licenses. You can install your license on up to two (2) different PCs and e.g. Windows tablets. Only as many people as licenses are available have simultaneous access to the database.

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    If you are using >GUKSA VDA 6.3 BASIC and want to upgrade to >GUKSA VDA 6.3 PRO, your previous data will be retained. A new installation is not necessary. There are only costs in the amount of the difference to >GUKSA VDA 6.3 BASIC.

    The >GUKSA VDA 6.3 software can be booked individually or together in a package with the VDA 6.3 update training (also available individually).
    Benefit from our package price (on request).

    Licenses Price per auditor license** Licenses Price per auditor license** Price per ToDo license***
    1 109,00€ 1 179,00€ 5,90€
    5 84,00€ 5 109,00€ 5,90€
    10 82,00€ 10 99,00€ 5,90€
    20 79,50€ 20 94,50€ 5,90€
    30 76,50€ 30 89,70€ 5,90€
    40 72,20€ 40 84,80€ 5,90€
    50* 71,50€ 50* 83,80€ 5,90€

    *Price and conditions for over 50 licenses on request
    **Necessary for the creation and access to audits
    ***Necessary for the management and processing of measures

    Service and Maintenance Yearly maintenance flat rate
    - Free provision of all releases and service packs
    - free support during installation
    20% from license price
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    System requirements and support

    Information about the system requirements of our GUKSA products and support can be found here.

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    GUKSA GmbH offers further software solutions in its product portfolio, which can be linked with each other and thus make redundant presentation and maintenance unnecessary. GUKSA permanently develops and expands its software products according to the requirements of the market in order to always be able to offer you solutions that meet your needs.


    The module >CSR+ allows comprehensive management of customer-specific requirements (CSR). A targeted and automatic representation of CSR for individual sections of VDA 6.3 is made possible by using this module.
    This enables your company to better take into account the wishes and requirements of your customers and you always stay up to date with professional services.
    >CSR+ has established itself over more than 10 years as the market leader for mapping and managing customer-specific requirements and is now extended by our >GUKSA VDA 6.3 offer.


    With the TODO Manager, the deviations and findings from an audit or assessment can be transferred directly into an action tracking. Among other things, you have the possibility to assign a target date to measures, to delegate them and to work through them.


    If you are already using >GUKSA VDA 6.3 BASIC/PRO, the upgrade to our fully comprehensive audit management tool is possible without any further installation effort. The procedures of audit planning, execution, etc. are almost identical and thus facilitate the start. Of course, your data will be retained here as well.